SGPC 1000W Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Charger

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Product Specifications

UPS with charging high-frequency pure sine wave inverter, imported brand new MOS transistor, imported chip, brand new first line brand capacitor

-Integrating inverter, charging, and mains power conversion, the inverter automatically switches to mains power supply when there is mains power, while charging the battery;

-When the mains power is disconnected, the inverter automatically switches to battery power supply to achieve uninterrupted power supply.

-The intelligent switching time is less than 10ms, and load devices such as computers and household appliances will not power off or restart.

-Complete isolation between input and output

-Stable AC output, low voltage drop

-Customizable remote control switch for more convenient remote control

-Customizable RS485 communication interface

Provide high-quality sine wave output, with output current quality even better than mains power

Model SGPC1000
Rated Power 1000W
Surge Power 2000W
Input Voltage 12/24/48VDC
Output Voltage 110/220VAC土5%
USB Port 5V 2A
Frequency 50Hz+3or60Hz+3
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Soft Start YES
Charging Current 12V/10A or 24V/5A
Priority  Grid first
Transfer time <10ms
Cooling Way Intelligent Cooling Fan
Protection Battery Low Voltage & Over Voltage, Over Load, Over Temperature, Short Circuit
WorkingTemperature -10°C - +50°C
Dimension(LW*H)(cm) 40*16.5*9
Meas./Ctn  (L*W*H) (cm) 55*47.5*31.5/4pcs 
N.W./Unit (kg) 3.62kg
G.W/Ctn 14.06kg
Packing Carton 
Warranty 1 Year
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SUG has the best production facilities in the industry, with a dedicated production team.



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